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Reaching out to everyone as Jesus did (Jn3:16)




Cowbridge United Free Church has a vision of:

  • A welcoming and accepting church with Christ’s love at its centre offering worship in different styles which is accessible to all and relevant to people’s lives.

  • Striving for excellence in all aspects of worship and nurturing a culture of people inviting friends to services and activities.

  • A church where all ages are welcome and embraced and where all are valued regardless of age, gender, marital status, sexuality or other defining factor.

  • A church with prayer at its heart that respects and honours the gifts of individuals and rejoices in their growth by Grace. People will be encouraged to pray expectantly and regularly.

  • Having all of its facilities used by the wider community for fellowship, friendship and learning thereby empowering groups and individuals to grow and interact.

  • A church where faith is central and people are energised and motivated to take action. Value and encourage ministry at all levels.

  • Continuing to encourage and nurture our young people and support and value everyone.

  • Being part of God’s family in Cowbridge, open and welcoming to all.

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 

    John 3:16

What sort of church are we?

We are an interdenominational church formed from the uniting of local Congregational, Methodist and Presbyterian churches with 'Ramoth' Baptist Chapel.   We function independently but under the umbrellas of our parent bodies and have members from all of the main denominations of the Christian faith as well as those with no particular affiliation, but most importantly we are a free church, and all are welcome.  

Our church is continually growing and evolving and has a regular attendance of over 60 people at morning worship including a significant number of children and young people.   There is a smaller, quieter evening service.   Refreshments are served after morning worship.

Midweek worship is part of our Lent and Advent preparation.   There are various study and prayer groups and the church holds quiet days throughout the year. 

Our church is autonomous.   It appoints its own minister and is totally self-financing.   Income is obtained through the free will offering of the congregation.    We actively support charitable organisatiions.

The day to day management of the church is the responsibility of  Church Council which is elected from among our membership.   The Church Members Meeting (held every third month) is the decision making body.

Holy Communion is  part of worship on the first Sunday morning and third Sunday evening of each month, as well as at Church festivals.

Infant Dedication, Baptism or Adult Baptism can all be arranged as can Weddings and Funerals, whatever your religious affiliation - speak to us, we will listen!